Redefining Comfort

*Ease Cushion is registered with the FDA  for the treatment and prevention of decubitus ulcers.

Horizontal Alternating Pressure Technology

It isn't just a matter of alternating the points of pressure that makes the Ease Cushion different, it's how we do it. The cycle is designed to simulate lifting the body to promote blood reperfusion to soft tissues.

Pressure Redistribution

Ease Cushion uses a proprietary 4 stage cycle to redistribute pressure and keep the seating surface moving.

Intelligent Design

Our interactive 3D model shows the Ease Cushion Essential System on a power wheelchair. Multiple products are available for different applications.

Product Features

Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

Up to 36 hours run time

Postural Support

Contoured foam base provides postural support and positioning for those who lack core-stability.

Smart Design

User-selectable firmness and cycle speed puts control in the user's hands

Sizes Available


Custom sizes available for Ease Standard & Essential Systems. 


Modular Approach


Remotely mounted electronics provide serviceability and cost-effective replacement of worn or damaged cushions

Advanced Protection

Breathable and fluid-resistant cover.

Leak Detection

A high-quality foam base prevents bottoming out


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