Those who know choose Ease!

Why choose an Ease Cushion?

An Ease Cushion is not Static

The Ease Cushion uses alternating pressure and creates the movement necessary to promote blood flow and oxygenation to soft tissues! 

Superior Protection

While the Ease Cushion is dynamic, it also provides secondary protection from pressure with a high quality contoured foam base.

Customer Support

Our products are backed by an extended warranty and unbeatable customer service.

Innovative Design

A unique two bladder system paired with intelligent, efficient air management

Adjustable timing and motion 

4 stage cycle prevents prolonged pressure in any one spot

What People Say


"This was the best money I have ever spent. The improvement in my pressure sore/ulcer situation is nothing short of miraculous. It has changed my life, health and state of mind, all for the better"

Buy an Ease Seating System Today!

Are you a Veteran? Learn more about ordering  through the  V.A. 

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