Medical Disclaimer

The Ease cushion was designed to assist with pressure management. However, the
cushion cannot solely prevent or treat pressure sores. When used with a wheelchair,
proper fit and positioning should be observed for optimal results. Additionally, the Ease
Cushion System is intended to compliment, rather than replace, treatment protocols
recommended by your doctor or therapist.

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The seat that moves when you can't!

To see a 3-D model 

Why choose an Ease Seating System?

An Ease Cushion is not Static

The Ease Cushion uses alternating pressure and creates the movement necessary to promote blood flow and oxygenation to soft tissues! 

Superior Protection

While the Ease Cushion System is dynamic, it also provides secondary protection from pressure with a high quality contoured foam base.

Customer Support

Our products are backed by an extended warranty and unbeatable customer service.

Innovative Design

A unique two bladder system paired with intelligent, efficient air management 
Adjustable timing and motion 
4 stage cycle prevents prolonged pressure in any one spot
Connect to chair's power in two ways
Easy to mount with included bag or available accessory brackets