Use our FAQ feature for general or device related troubleshooting questions for the alternating pressure cushion. 

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

How does the technology work?

Ease Seating Systems provides you the solution to pressure sores by dynamic seating technology that alternates air pressures in your seating device's cushion prolonging ease and comfort. Two staggered sets of air bladders run laterally across the cushion (to prevent leaning left or right).
The system regulates the pressure in the respective bladders to create movement under the user
The process of inflating and equalizing bladders begins within a few minutes creating a “level” surface.
Therefore, providing all-day comfort by automatically changing the points of pressure underneath the user.
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How can I order the Ease Cushion System?

You can contact our dealers and order the pump here: Order Now Are you a dealer?
Please Login/Register to place orders with Ease Seating Systems through our Dealer Login System!

As a dealer, where can I place orders?

You will need to login as a registered dealer on our Dealer Login System. We have a number of options available for your convenience.

What is the return policy?

Electronic components may be returned for a partial refund within 30 days of purchase, less the retail price of the cushion. Cushions and covers are non-refundable, as they can not be re-sold due to sanitation regulations.

What are the shipping options?

We ship our products nationwide through different shipping carriers. We can also expedite shipping to accomodate your request.

Can I place an order online?

Yes you can! Order Now If you are a dealer, you can login to your account or Register Today.

Device Troubleshooting

System will not power on

Possible Cause: Main power switch is turned off
SOLUTION: Turn on the main power switch on the rear of thepump
Possible Cause: Battery is critically low and has gone into protectionmode
SOLUTION: Recharge the pump unit

System is powered on but not running.

Possible Cause: Pump is in standby mode
SOLUTION: Press the red standby button on the front panel ofthe pump unit
Possible Cause: Remote switch cable has become disconnected
SOLUTION: Check the connection of the cable to theappropriate port on the back of the pump unit.

Pressure alarm sounding

Possible Cause: Air hoses may be pinched
SOLUTION: Turn off the system. Check air hoses from the pumpto the cushion to ensure there are no pinchedsections. If using a power wheelchair, check hoseswhen tilting or reclining to ensure they do notbecome pinched in joints or hinges. Repositionhoses as needed
Possible Cause: Air hoses have become disconnected
SOLUTION: Turn off the system. Check hoses from pump tocushion to ensure they are connected. Check fittingsbetween hoses. Secure or tighten as needed. Possible Cause: User transferred onto cushion while pump was inoperation
SOLUTION: Turn off and restart the system. Pressure sensordetected excessive pressure during the transfer. Possible Cause: Air hoses or fittings are damaged OR Internal bladder or tubing system damaged orleaking
SOLUTION: Contact Ease Seating Systems for a replacement.

Pressure and time cycle buttons do not respond
immediately after press.

Possible Cause: System processing the previous action
SOLUTION: Allow more time between button presses.
Possible Cause: Pump is in standby mode
SOLUTION: Pressure and time cycle can not be adjusted whilein standby mode; press the red standby button toresume operation, then adjust.

System not charging

Possible Cause: Wrong charger is being used
SOLUTION: Only use the charger supplied with your system.Extra or replacements may be obtained from EaseSeating Systems upon request.
Possible Cause: Charger is not connected properly
SOLUTION: Check charger connection to pump Possible Cause: Wall receptacle not providing power
SOLUTION: Ensure receptacle is receiving power withanother known-working appliance, or try using adifferent outlet.

Remote switch light not illuminating

Possible Cause: Remote switch cable is not fully inserted in theport on the pump.
SOLUTION: Ensure remote switch plug is fully inserted in theproper port.

Charger plugged in, but battery LED’s remain off.

Possible Cause: Main power switch may be turned off.
SOLUTION:Turn on main power switch on rear of the pump.
Possible Cause: Microprocessor is in shutdown (battery protect)mode from battery level dropping too low.
SOLUTION: Allow pump to charge for several minutes, thencycle the main power switch off/on to wake themicroprocessor. Possible Cause: P


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