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Ease Cushion's alternating pressure technology offers: 

- Pressure redistribution

- Postural stability 

- Computer-controlled pressure management

- Flexible Design

*Ease Cushion is registered with the FDA  for the treatment and prevention of decubitus ulcers.

A full-featured Essential System is recommended for power chair users at high risk of developing pressure sores.

Ease Essential

Ease Standard Cushion is automatic software driven pressure relieving cushion comprised of sleek design with modular electronics that provide an economical method of replacing the cushion on a more frequent schedule as needed.

Ease Standard

Ease Lite is a Horizontal Alternating Pressure Device built inside cushion for manual wheelchairs and active users.

Ease Lite

( Non-Medical )

Ease Comfort


Designed & Assembled in the USA

Medical Disclaimer

The Ease cushion was designed to assist with pressure management. However, no product can independently prevent or treat pressure sores. When used with a wheelchair, proper fit and positioning should be observed for optimal results. Additionally, the Ease Cushion System is intended to complement, rather than replace, treatment protocols recommended by your doctor or therapist.

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