Ease Seating Systems was founded with the one objective: to provide an alternative to static wheelchair cushions that can help prevent and treat pressure ulcers.

Having years of experience in wheelchair seating, we’ve witnessed friends lose independence, suffer pain, and even die due to pressure ulcers. Ultimately, this made us realize that wheelchair users deserve more protection from their cushions. The problem with conventional cushions is that they only provide temporary pressure relief. Designed to offload pressure using various foam densities or static air, the person will eventually immerse into the material, causing excessive pressure. 

For wheelchair users, it’s commonly said “The best way to relieve pressure and promote circulation is to move."
We took this phrase literally and developed a technology that creates movement in the cushion itself.

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Jeremy Yaklin
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Here at Ease Seating Systems, we believe in excellent customer service. We offer full support to our customers, clients and dealers by continually improving our product and processes. Our goal is to provide high quality alternating pressure-relieving seat products.


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