Peer-reviewed research reveals the importance of pressure redistribution in the avoidance of decubitus ulcers.

 A non-static cushion optimizes the solution 

The Ease Cushion is intended to treat pressure ulcers

The Ease Cushion is the only product in the market that provides alternating pressure along with postural support & secondary protection.

High costs for pressure ulcer related surgeries 

Did you know?
The average cost for pressure ulcer treatments ranges from $90,000 to $110,000.

 A non-static cushion optimizes the solution 

 A non-static cushion optimizes the solution 

 A non-static cushion provides the solution 

Ease cushion is effective because it addresses the root cause of pressure injury: lack of movement!

Seat Interfaces for Aircrew Performance And Safety

"bladder cushion was shown to be
comfortable for long duration missions and safe in an ejection environment."

- Air Force Research on Ease Cushion

​Veterans make up almost 17% of the SCI population, and SCI/D is the most costly medical condition for veterans

"Veterans with pressure ulcers had more total inpatient days on average (61.00 vs 9.19;P < .001) and higher total health care costs ($100,935 vs $27,914;P < .001) due primarily to higher inpatient costs ($91,341 vs $13,754;P < .05).  "

Recurrence rates of ischial sores in para- and tetraplegics treated with
hamstring flaps:

"Four patients were lost to
follow-up resulting in 23 patients (n = 23) for the current study. Nine patients were tetraplegic and the remaining
14 were paraplegic. Four of the 23 patients had died at follow-up therefore making the number of living patients
19 (n = 19). The total number of ulcers operated on in the current study was 29 (U = 29). Overall, ulcer and
patient recurrence rates were 41.4% and 47.8% respectively."

Alternating Pressure can relieve pressure and help with pressure distribution

"It is widely recommended that those who continuously sit throughout the day should undertake pressure relief movements in an attempt to prevent pressure ulcer development..."

Is dynamic seating a modality worth considering in the prevention of pressure ulcers?

". Not only are ulcer prevalence rates within the chair-bound population relatively hAigh, they are often associated with acute and chronic wound related co-morbidities; most likely to remain unhealed after several years; require several hospital admissions and one or more surgical repairs"

Breakdown of Average Costs Associated with Stage IV Pressure Ulcers

"The average hospital treatment cost associated with stage IV pressure ulcers and related complications was $129,248 for hospital-acquired ulcers during one admission, and $124,327 for community-acquired ulcers over an average of 4 admissions."

Pressure ulcers are associated with 6-month mortality in elderly patients with hip fracture managed in orthogeriatric care pathway

"In elderly patients with hip fracture managed in an orthogeriatric care pathway, pressure ulcer remained associated with poorly modifiable risk factors and long-term mortality."

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