Air Force Research on Ease Cushion®

Ease Cushion® helps improve blood flow, physical endurance, increase alertness, and increase comfort.

F-15 fighter jets, Ease Cushion Air Force Research
Ease Cushion® in F-15 and B2 Bomber Cockpits

The Ease Cushion® is the only alternating pressure cushion to be used in F-15 and B2 Bomber ejection seats. Research published under "Seat Interfaces for Aircrew Performance And Safety" by the Air Force Research Laboratory demonstrates the benefits of Ease Cushion's technology.




"The most viable option for modification to improve the physical endurance of pilots."

Rated Best Relief For

Air Force Research results on Ease Cushion's buttock firmness
Buttocks Firmness
Air Force Research results on Ease Cushion's Thigh Leg Comfort
Thigh leg Comfort
Ease Cushion rated best for Vibration Dampening
back comfort_300x-100_edited.png
Back Firmness

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Endless Comfort

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