"...When it comes to customer service, EASE staff go well above and beyond..."

Updated: Jan 7

This is an AMAZING seat cushion.  I had one before and this one is by far better.  Features like being able to use the seat cushion WHILE charging it.  That is huge for me.  I have an air bed, but when traveling I sleep in my chair.  I have had a wound, the EASE cushion has allowed me more wheelchair time.  Don’t get me wrong, you still need to get off your wound, but this gave me a little extra time.  Let’s face it, ANY extra time up out of bed with a wound speaks volumes.  When it comes to customer service, EASE staff go well above and beyond!  They are responsive.  I got a person directly without being on hold or having to leave a message.  I was able to talk to someone knowledgeable that helped me troubleshoot my problem.  That’s all it took is some trouble shooting, trying something different to reset the system and it worked like a charm.  The company even reached out days later to be sure the cushion was still working properly!!!  I know, right?!  That never happens anymore.  It was so refreshing to be more than just a number or statistic.  The EASE cushion might be expensive, but as the saying goes you get what you pay for…well you get even more!  You get peace of mind that the company stands behind their cushion!  THANK YOU for your product!!!"

- Beth M.

Ease Cushion Essential User


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