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When I came to Ease Seating Systems a few years ago, I found a small company whose intense dedication to its mission, commitment to solving problems, and exceptional customer service had created a loyal customer base. Moreover, I saw that many of the people they were serving had their lives significantly improved by the technology the company pioneered over 23 years ago. For too many disabled people, the threat of pressure sores interferes with their ability to safely use a wheelchair, but this device was making a difference. Witnessing the power of this technology to help them get out of bed and recover some form of active lifestyle was something that really resonated with me.

Many years ago I experienced firsthand the impact that immobility can have on a person’s life. A few days before my 20th birthday, I was seriously injured in a catastrophic helicopter crash while serving in the United States Navy. The days following that accident were a fight for survival that gave way to a long, slow, recovery process and getting used to life-changing injuries. Living through that experience made a couple things perfectly clear: the ability to move around and go where you want to go is important beyond description for the human spirit, and sometimes adaptive technology can be the key element in making that possible.

It has now been over two decades since that accident changed my life. In that time, I have accomplished so many things that were difficult to foresee from the darkest hours of the recovery process. Believing that second chances should not be wasted, I like to focus my attention on things that have meaning and value. Some of my proudest accomplishments are building a home, a grass-fed beef cattle business, raising 6 kids with my wife, and teaching high school students. But I’ve also developed a passion for innovation and helping other people live their best lives. That’s why when I discovered Ease Seating Systems I knew that I had found something special.

The opportunity to be creative and have a positive impact on people’s lives in such a direct and meaningful way isn’t something that comes along everyday. Originally created to help wheelchair users avoid debilitating sores, this technology has proven to be a benefit to anyone who sits, especially for long periods of time. From long haul trucks and airliners to office chairs and Air Force ejection seats, the Ease Cushion helps people Sit with Confidence and Comfort. We are excited for the future of the company as we create new products to help even more people enjoy the benefits of alternating pressure technology.

Jeremy Yaklin


Ease Seating Systems, Inc


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