Alternating Pressure Seating System

Research shows that "The best way to relieve pressure and promote circulation is to move."
The Ease Cushion moves for you!


"The improvement in my pressure sore/ulcer situation is nothing short of miraculous..."

- Jim A.


Ease cushion is effective because it addresses the root cause of pressure injury and discomfort: lack of movement!

Our Horizontal Alternating Pressure Technology creates the dynamic action necessary to promote blood flow and oxygenation to soft tissues.​



Postural Support

The high-quality contoured foam base provides positioning and postural support for those who lack core stability.


The computer-controlled pump module monitors the pressure of the cushion and warns users if a problem occurs.

Our contoured foam base also keeps users from bottoming-out for added peace of mind.

More Than Just A Cushion!

  • "It is obvious to me that her health and comfort are a direct result of your incredible product. And her health and comfort mean the world to me."

    - Jim S.

  • "This was the best money I have ever spent. The improvement in my pressure sore/ulcer situation is nothing short of miraculous. It has changed my life, health and state of mind, all for the better"

    -Jim A.

  • "I heard from two friends with SCI about the wonderful results they were enjoying using the EASE cushion, so I purchased one. What a difference!..."

  • "When it comes to customer service, EASE staff go well above and beyond..."

    -Deborah S.

Different Products for a Variety of Needs


Ease Essential


Ease Standard


Ease Lite


Ease Comfort


Designed & Assembled in the USA


"Their customer service and concern for the users of their systems is simply remarkable"

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